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pubg… making a return

The bottom line is that PUBG Lite, the free version of the popular battle royale game designed for low-end PCs, is being retired. If you’ve been following Lite closely, you’ll be aware of the change, but it’s one that will undoubtedly affect a large number of gamers. Those who want to keep playing PUBG in the future have a few options.
The game’s developer just informed gamers that they had decided to shut down the game “after much thought.” The following is the schedule for termination:
•New downloads will be unavailable after March 30, 2021, and the PUBG Lite website will be shut down.
•Service will be terminated on April 29, 2021.
•Player support for Lite will be discontinued on May 29, 2021.
•Gamers will be able to play Lite and spend their in-game credits as usual until the end of the month. The stoppage was not given a reason.

PUBG Lite made its debut in Thailand in early 2019, before moving to other countries later that year. In late 2020, the game switched to a free-to-play basis.
“THE BEST WAY TO WIN IN PUBG WAR IS TO AVOID WHAT IS STRONG AND STRIKE ON WHAT IS WEAK.” Brendan “PlayerUnknown” Greene created the foundation game, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. In the early 2010s, he began playing with the notion of a battle royale game, first introducing the functionality through mods for other games.

Developer Bluehole eventually came out to Greene about the possibility of making a battle royale game. Greene joined the Bluehole team as creative director shortly after, and began work on what would become PUBG.
The main game, as well as a mobile version called PUBG Mobile Lite, are still accessible for a variety of platforms, including PC.

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